AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID Summer Institutes

Watch this must-see video from the 2015 AVID Summer Institute featuring powerful testimonials about AVID success stories.

Summer Institute is AVID's annual professional learning event for AVID members. More than 39,000 new and veteran educators come each year, to learn the latest in AVID methodologies and strategies to successfully implement AVID in their schools. 

Past Summer Institute Speakers

View other available Summer Institute Speaker videos from 2006-2015 on our AvidAboutAVID page on YouTube.

Summer Institutes 2017*

As a committed educator with roadblocks, you may ask: What can AVID do for you? AVID will coach you to believe in your students, their futures, and reflect on why you do what you do. Be the difference in the lives of your students.

June 6-8
Tampa (Closed) June 13-15
Minneapolis (Closed) June 14-16
San Diego 1 (Closed)
June 21-23
Dallas (Closed) June 22-24
Anaheim June 28-30
Orlando July 6-8
Denver July 6-8
Sacramento (Closed)
July 11-13
Philadelphia July 18-20
San Antonio (Closed) July 27-29
San Diego 2-Mission Valley  August 1-3

Janet Covacevich, Summer Institute Speaker and Monte Vista Middle School Principal

"I am a product of the AVID program and very proud of it. I married the life of an educator and became an advocate for students. I was a teacher and now, I am now a principal at a middle school working with a team of passionate teachers to become a model AVID school because we know that AVID breaks the cycle of poverty, it empowers students, it changes lives."
— Janet Covacevich, Summer Institute Speaker and Monte Vista Middle School Principal

*Dates and locations are subject to change. Please review location information carefully before booking travel and lodging. Some event venues differ from previous years, and subsequent Institutes in the same host city are not necessarily held in the same venue (e.g., San Diego 1 and San Diego 2).