At AVID, we know the path to a better future is a college education. For too many students, however, college has been unattainable due to several barriers.

Our equity initiative is focused on addressing the factors that have kept various groups of students from going on to college. Through culturally responsive teaching strategies, we are giving our full attention to African American males and Latino students - both vastly underrepresented at higher education institutions.

Our major emphasis is providing instructional solutions to educators, so that all students can establish a college-going tradition.

College Board Report Outlines 'Educational Crisis' for Minority Men

The Educational Crisis Facing Young Men of ColorThe College Board released a report in early February called "The Educational Crisis Facing Young Men of Color." It highlights "undeniable challenges among minority students, including a lack of role models, search for respect outside of education, loss of cultural memory, poverty challenges, language barriers, community pressures and a sense of a failing education system," according to the announcement of the study. Please follow this link to the College Board's Minority Issues in Education page, where you may download the PDF.

African American Male Initiative

The African American Male Initiative (AAMI) is being implemented at nine sites across the United States. Using AVID's data driven curriculum and Culturally Relevant Teaching methodologies, African American males are achieving at a much higher rate. Many of the schools are using a gender based model and have experienced overwhelming success. AVID expanded this year with the Culturally Relevant Teaching strand being taught at all eight Summer Institutes and a CRT Curriculum Guide will roll out at SI 2012. AVID's equity team continues to provide the sites with engaging professional learning and modeling best teaching practices. AAMI is significantly raising achievement that will directly increase high school and college graduation rates.

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Access Research Journal, Issue 13.1, 2007 Spring features the following article about Equity:

School Reform and Second Generation Discrimination: Toward the Development of Equitable Schools
Guest writer, Dr. Pedro Noguera, discusses equity in education, and says, "No matter how difficult and elusive, the goal of equity remains one that schools must pursue if they are to remain viable as public institutions."

Access Research Journal, Issue 10.2, 2004 Fall features the following article about Equity:

Equity and Achievement are focus of upcoming AVID/College Board National Conference
This article previewed the then upcoming National Conference titled, "Accelerating Equity and Achievement."