Since AVID's inception in 1980, leadership training has been a key area of focus in order to promote college readiness across an entire campus. AVID Center provides professional learning for site and district administrators, AVID elective teachers, counselors, and content area teachers through a wide variety of training sessions throughout the school year and at AVID Center's Summer Institutes.

Current AVID Center Leadership efforts include:

  • AVID District Leadership (ADL): AVID Center works with over 900 school districts in 45 states. This training is required of the district leader who oversees AVID. ADL sessions provide support and training for district leaders so that they can monitor the quality of AVID elective classes, implement the AVID Essentials, and promote schoolwide college readiness.

  • Principals' Leadership Academy: In partnership with the Flippen Learning Group, AVID Center offers a year-long (19 days) training focused at developing principals' relational capacity, understanding of college readiness factors, as well as the systems, tools and strategies to lead their schools to greatness. Principals participate as a cohort and maintain communication electronically between face-to-face sessions.

  • Two-Day Administrator Trainings: Two-day Administrator Trainings are designed for participants to actively participate in assessing the structures, processes, and systems needed to create "Culturally Gifted Schools" and "College Ready" cultures on their campuses. Participants take a case study of a hypothetical school and begin the process of building a mission, vision, and core principles for that school. Participants begin the process of learning how to operationally define their campuses.

  • Teacher Leadership: The California school districts of Poway and Oceanside have been involved in a three-year AVID Teacher Leadership training pilot. The goal of the project was to develop the leadership skills of the AVID site coordinator to enhance the effectiveness of the AVID elective class and work of the AVID site team, and to deepen the schoolwide effect of AVID by making the strategies for college readiness available to students outside of the AVID elective. After one day of face-to-face training, the session has been expanded throughout the year by utilizing the WebCT system of Cal State San Marcos. Online units of instruction, sharing and planning will provide on-going leadership skill development.

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