DonateYour financial support of AVID will further our work on increasing access to a college education for all students.

A great number of AVID students become the first in their family to go to college despite encountering multiple linguistic, cultural, and socioeconomic barriers. No one AVID student’s journey toward success is exactly the same as another’s but they share the common storyline of tremendous determination, hard work, faith, and triumph in the face of struggle, adversity, and sometimes, tragedy. So many of our AVID students embody the American dream, so many have found strength from one another and in turn, have inspired all of us.

The AVID program has been making the college dream a reality for thousands of students for over three decades. At a time when 30 percent of all students drop out of high school and only 35 percent ever attend college, 98 percent of AVID graduates plan to attend college.

Currently, AVID is providing nearly 700,000 students the tools to excel academically and prepare for college success in nearly 4,900 schools in 45 states and 16 countries/territories.

The challenges we face in an increasingly global society coupled with the persistent crisis in the educational system make our mission more critical than ever. With your gift to strengthen AVID’s work, our students will continue to rise to the toughest of challenges, exemplify incredible courage, and defy the odds.

Educational philanthropy requires vision and patience. Your donations are an investment in the future with a lifetime impact. When you give to AVID, your generosity is a gift of knowledge, hope, and inspiration.

We invite you to explore the many ways you or your organization can help transform the lives of AVID students — and their families — by opening for them the opportunities of a college education and the doors to the American dream.

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