Building Blocks to College Readiness

AVID Elementary Liaison

  • The AE Liaison attends AVID Institute with AE participants and completes a two-year training cycle in AVID Elementary Leadership Training held by AVID Elementary Headquarters.
  • This role approves data and site certification from sites in order to submit to AVID Center.

AVID Elementary Principal

  • The AE Principal is required to attend AVID Institute with their Site Teams and is the instructional leader for AE Implementation and the AE Site Team.
  • The AE Principal may attend AE Leadership Training with the AE Liaison.
  • This role is responsible for leading the AE Site Team throughout the certification process and submits data and the certification document to the AE Liaison.

AVID Elementary Teacher

  • The AE Teacher is required to attend the appropriate implementation stage implementation strand at AVID Institute and is the facilitator of learning in the classroom.
  • This role is responsible for conducting classroom and individual assessments in a pre/post model to utilize data to inform classroom instruction.
  • This role is an active member on the AE Site Team.

AVID Elementary Implementation

  • Annual Membership
Yearly site permission to use AVID logo and intellectual property, AVID Elementary Weekly privileges, access to professional development opportunities, technology-based support, measures of implementation fidelity.

  • AVID Elementary Liaison Leadership Sessions
Elementary Liaison attends two sessions during Year 1 and two sessions during Year 2. Included is an AE implementation library. Designated Elementary Liaison attends AVID Summer Institute in sequential elementary strands as part of this package. Package can be paid over 2 contract years.
Additional AE Liaisons and AE Site Principals can also attend AE Leadership Training at a discounted rate to build capacity within implementing sites and the feeder pattern.
AVID Elementary Liaison Leadership Trainings Informational Document

  • AVID Elementary Implementation Library
    • Implementation Resources with CD
    • Administrator Resource with CD
    • Sets of AE Posters
    • 1 ACRS DVD
    • AVID gear (pencils, pens, pennant)

  • AVID Elementary Institute
Implementing sites attend AVID Elementary Implementation Strands according to implementation stage of AE (Beginnings, Foundations, Bridges)  Required first 2 years of implementation.
Minimum of four-member team per implementing site is required.

    • Site Principal is required
    • Implementing Teachers (SPED and General Ed)
    • Instructional Coaches/Specialists


AVID Elementary sites are afforded the opportunity to explore and enhance their instructional strategies through a variety of e-learning options:

  • MyAVID
    • This site includes member-only shared files that provide examples, samples, and resources to guide and support AVID implementation
  • AVID Elementary Weekly
    • This member-only resource is designed to bring the real world into the AVID Elementary classroom and view it through the WICOR lens
    • Uses current newspaper articles, photos, and illustrations to provide students with high-interest stories
    • Articles, photos, and illustrations are aligned with AVID Elementary implementation resources, layout of Activity Ideas (AI), and WICOR or L-WICOR lessons (framework for strengthening lessons)
  • WebEx
    • Recorded informational sessions that reinforce concepts discussed in AE strands at AVID Institute to support implementation
  • Live Chat
    • Opportunities for implementing educators to discuss implementation successes and challenges, exchange ideas, and calibrate implementation aligned with AE Essentials
  • Blended Learning
    • Online resource that complements AE strands at AVID Institute and provides guidance and support for AE Site Teams, Grade Level Teams, and Feeder Pattern Teams

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