Teacher Preparation Initiative


Teacher Preparation Initiative
TPI Process
TPI Structural Framework

AVID Teacher Preparation Initiative (TPI) is an arm of AVID for Higher Education designed to impact teacher candidates through their teacher preparation programs. AVID TPI personnel collaborate with colleges of education to systematically address the needs of teacher candidates as they enter the teaching field. It is the goal of the AVID Teacher Preparation Initiative to provide teacher candidates with a deep understanding of, and practical experience with, AVID frameworks, methodologies and strategies so that they enter the teaching field having analyzed and practiced instructional strategies that make them successful in meeting a broad spectrum of students’ needs.

With support from the Meadows Foundation, AVID Center has partnered with teacher education programs at The University of Texas-Arlington (UTA) and the University of Texas-Permian Basin (UTPB) to infuse AVID methodologies into their college of education programs. The purpose of the project is to increase the capacity of new teachers to prepare students to be college ready. UTA and UTPB have teacher education programs that provide the public schools in their regions with a significant percentage of their teachers. Their faculty expertise, coupled with the expertise of AVID staff, gives the partnership the ability to take teacher education to a more sophisticated level by empowering teacher candidates with more strategies and philosophies firmly grounded in academic rigor. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) also has provided seed funding to the University of Texas-Arlington (UTA) and the University of Texas-Permian Basin (UTPB) to support planning that integrates AVID strategies and teaching methodologies into the teacher education programs and supports the initial development of the AVID for Higher Education Teacher Preparation Initiative (TPI).

AVID for Higher Education TPI, UTA and UTPB have completed the first year of the project. Each campus has formed an AVID site team and over 110 education and content-area faculty at UT Arlington and UT Permian Basin have been trained in AVID’s research-based strategies. The two project Campus Teams revised the syllabi for education foundation and methods courses to embed AVID frameworks, methodology and strategies, and completed AVID Instructional Maps for each credential area. Additional information about the mapping process and an example of a course map can be read at this link.

University faculty at UTA and UTPB pilot tested and then implemented these revised education foundation and methods courses in the 2011/2012 academic year. Over 500 teacher candidates enrolled each semester in the AVID-infused education classes in Fall 2011 and Spring 2012. A more specific report of data from the first year can be found here. During the second year of the project, education faculty from UTA and UTPB are developing and implementing an AVID field experience sequence that incorporates the AVID framework, methodologies and strategies in the student teaching experience.

The AHE Teacher Preparation Initiative Essentials are designed to transform the culture of colleges of education by engaging all key campus members and programs in the change process. Each essential has several key elements that further define it. Although the essentials are customized on each campus to support student engagement and success, fidelity in their implementation is required.

TPI Process:

  • Faculty members are trained in the basics of AVID methodologies through a variety of selected professional development experiences.
  • Faculty members then model and utilize these strategies for teacher candidates within their teacher preparation courses, making the AVID framework and philosophy explicit.
  • The teacher candidates are expected to implement the strategies within the supportive framework of their classes and during their field experiences/student teaching. 
  • Courses are enhanced and teacher candidates receive vital methodology and strategy instruction within the WICOR framework.

TPI Structural Framework:


  • Pre-Summer Institute orientation seminar (TPI Structure/Process, WICOR)
  • Summer Institute (Eight site team members in first two years of implementation)
  • Professional Development Days (Four days per year during first two years)
  • AVID Teacher Preparation Initiative Implementation Guide


  • Campus Site Team Action Plans
  • Planning Days (Four days per year)
  • Formulation of Instructional Mapping Matrices by certification area and AVID framework (WICOR)
  • Creation of AVID-infused course syllabi
  • Teacher Preparation Initiative Campus Resource Library of AVID curriculum


  • AVID frameworks, methodology and strategies are embedded into existing course content and instruction
  • Faculty models and directly instructs the teacher candidates in AVID frameworks, methodologies and strategies as outlined in TPI Instructional Mapping Matrices
  • AVID frameworks, methodologies and strategies are integrated into teacher candidate field experiences and student teaching


  • Campus Site Team Research Plans
  • AVID and campus data collection
  • Campus liaison and AVID classroom instructional observations
  • AVID surveys

Comments from college of education faculty and from teacher candidates can be found on this document.

To read more about AVID TPI, follow this link to the program brochure.