Funding AVID

AVID Center has developed the Funding AVID resources to support school districts and institutions of higher education seeking funds to pay for their AVID programs.  The AVID College Readiness System can be the primary focus of a funding request or a valuable and effective component in projects proposed for Federal & State Initiatives, Foundations & Corporations and
Building Community Support.

Funding AVID Introductory Presentation

Diversify Funding

For over 30 years, schools and districts have used a variety of funding sources to pay for components of the AVID system. The most successful funding models are diversified with sources from each of the areas in the diagram so that the loss of one source does not create a significant shortfall and program funding remains stable.

                        Diversify Funding

Building Relationships

Creating a stable funding base for an AVID program is an ongoing development activity which relies on strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Every school district and institution of higher education has its own internal protocols and systems to identify and apply for external funding.

AVID district directors, liaisons and other advocates should work closely with school district leaders and grant writers and development departments at colleges/universities to introduce the AVID College Readiness System and to share information and resources that encourage decision makers to prioritize AVID within limited budgets and make it easy for grant writers to include AVID in proposals.

The FUNDING AVID web pages provide information on public and private sector funding opportunities with goals and objectives that can be achieved with the AVID College Readiness System.  Working with the key decision makers inside each organization, the AVID advocate can provide AVID information and proposal language to enhance the organization’s proposal or to determine how to prepare the proposal directly for submission to a funder.

Create Community

As funding for education goes through periods of contraction and expansion, strong community support at the individual and local business levels can keep an AVID program strong and growing.

Community leaders know how important an educated populace is in order to build and maintain a healthy, prosperous community.   Helping their children is a top priority.  AVID site and district leaders can get amazing results by engaging the full community in the AVID program.  The community will bring its time, money and resources so that all its children can be college ready and succeed in completing postsecondary education.

Start with some of the ideas listed in Building Community Support.