• New Ingredients for AVID’s Secret Sauce

    Posted by AVID Center on 8/6/2019

    AVID's Secret Sauce It’s been said that AVID tutorials are part of the “secret sauce” of AVID: tutorials are where students refine their WICOR skills in preparation for college study groups. Starting in August 2019, AVID is offering three new ingredients for schools and districts to customize this secret sauce to meet their unique needs. Prepare the grill and whet your academic appetite for the new and improved AVID secret sauce!

    New Ingredient #1: Peer Tutors
    AVID’s definition of tutors is expanding to include peer tutors (students from the same grade level, including those from the same AVID Elective class), thereby allowing districts greater flexibility while continuing to support collaborative problem solving. Tutors currently enrolled in college are still the go-to for role modeling; however, adding peers into the mix supports the primary role of an AVID tutor—to serve as a facilitator. Sites can use this “new ingredient” as needed:

    • Always, if needed to meet the 7:1 student to tutor ratio.
    • Occasionally, on days when some or all tutors are not available.
    • By design, to support the development of leadership skills for AVID Elective students.

    For information on implementing peer tutors, click here.

    New Ingredient #2: eTutorials
    This second new ingredient supports AVID schools in implementing eTutorials, a video chat between student groups in the AVID Elective class and eTutors in another location. eTutorials operate in much the same way as face-to-face tutorials and are a way for students in the AVID Elective to gain access to academic support and mentorship, while also developing digital literacy skills. Sites can use eTutorials to:

    • Bring back AVID graduates as tutors straight from their dorm rooms.
    • Invite high school students to serve as cross-age tutors without leaving their campuses.
    • Encourage tutors to participate in tutorials at hard-to-access classrooms.
    • Schedule tutors at multiple sites across a district with no travel time between visits and without contributing to the carbon footprint.
    • Increase digital citizenship skills around digital literacy, digital communication, and digital etiquette.

    For information on implementing eTutorials, click here.

    New Ingredient #3: eLearning Course for Tutor Training Part 1
    Tutor Training Part 1 is now available as a self-paced eLearning course on MyAVID. Tutors who were not able to attend a face-to-face offering of Tutor Training Part 1 will complete each component of the course and then submit a portfolio of their work to the Tutor Trainer/District Director. This “new ingredient” can be used as:

    • A year-round training opportunity for late hires
    • A supplement to face-to-face training
    • Additional support for tutors who need it
    • *Note – This eLearning course is only available to tutors 18 years of age and older. For Tutor Training options for younger students, see "Ingredient #1" above.

    For information on the Tutor Training Part 1 eLearning Course, click here.

    So put on your chef’s hat, grab these new ingredients, and season to taste! Simmer the secret sauce over a low flame, then serve when ready this fall!

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