Revisit the Best Moments of AVIDCon 2020

In December, the whole AVID Community came together for AVIDCon 2020. It was the perfect opportunity to celebrate a very challenging year and to look forward to a brighter future. Watch the full experience here, or scroll down to watch the individual segments.

Watch Individual Segments

Brandon Leake

Arne Duncan

Dr. Anindya Kundu

Dr. Aliber Lozano, Jenn Nagle, &
Dr. Gustavo Balderas

Jeayana Davis-Daniels, Johanna Gonzalez, Lexi Esperanza, & Kevin Barrios

Dé Kwann Wynn, Edil Sufi,
Hector Gustavo Lerma, & Jesula Jeannot

AVID 40th Anniversary Impact

AVID: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

AVIDCon 2020 Closing