• You Do You! An Educator’s Guide to Growing Their Social Media Network

    Posted by AVID Center on 5/30/2019

    Social Media Image Looking to expand your social media voice and grow your network? What we’ve learned over the past few thousand tweets, retweets, and likes is to do what you do best. Be your authentic self and teach! Here are four key ways to help you build your skills.

    • Share – those articles, newsletters, podcasts, blogs, etc., that you’re reading, especially from @AVID4College! Don’t keep those insightful tips and funny memes to yourself.
    • Teach – with your key takeaways and reasons why those posts you’re sharing are important. What can your followers learn from your posts?
    • Be [email protected] – and in the social media world, this means using the handles of those who originally created the post. It’s a great way to initiate conversations. Also, add the social media handle of those who you really think should see that post.
    • Build bridges – by connecting to relevant themes and topics. Some of our favorites are #EdChat, #EdTech, #21stCenturySkills, and of course, #ThisIsAVID.

    Most importantly, have fun and stay positive! Social media is a fantastic way to connect with the most intelligent, funny, and creative people on the planet, but time spent scrolling only has value if it can help both you and others grow.

    Scroll forth and conquer!

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