• AVID students in class.


    AVID bolsters rigorous academic programs, improving instructional quality and equity. AVID is structured to enhance existing programs and educational approaches.

    The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) focuses on ensuring equity and excellence for every student through access to a high-quality education—grounded in rigor, proficiency, and college and career readiness. AVID produces these results!


  • ESSA Key Concept

    AVID Key Concept

    Increase Student Achievement

    • Raise academic achievement for all, while providing support to those most in need.

    AVID Closes the Achievement Gap

    • Equitable achievement is realized across student populations of varying demographics.
    • 94% of 2018 AVID seniors completed four-year college entrance requirements.

    Use Evidence-Based Strategies

    • Improve student achievement with proven instructional practices and programs.

    AVID is Backed by a Strong, Extensive Research Base

    • A robust data collection and certification system is utilized, with measurable results.

    Expand Advanced Coursework

    • Ensure equitable access and course completion.

    AVID Schoolwide Transforms Teaching and Learning

    • Focus is placed on four key domains of operations: Instruction, Systems, Leadership, and Culture.
    • Coaching and Certification Instrument (CCI) is utilized to measure and report on progress, while ensuring continuous improvement.

    Expand Advanced Coursework

    • Ensure equitable access and course completion.

    AVID Opens Access to AP and Other Rigorous Courses

    • Offers professional learning that increases rigor in current courses.
    • Provides academic student support for course completion.
    • 78% of 2018 AVID seniors took at least one course of rigor.

    Improve Teacher and School Leaders' Efforts

    • Increase quality and effectiveness.

    AVID Professional Learning (PL) Engages Faculty

    • Site Team planning and training is embedded and ongoing.
    • PL instruction is proven to increase student engagement, promote classroom collaboration, and activate deeper learning.

    Support English Language Learners

    • Improve English language proficiency and academic achievement.

    AVID Excel Accelerates Language Acquisition

    • AVID Excel gives long-term ELL students sustained, strategic academic and language-building support.

    ESSA gives states greater flexibility and control over educational policy. To learn more about how AVID works with your state’s ESSA plan, contact our AVID Care team.