• Disrupting Deficit Narratives Through
    Equity-Minded Practice


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    As a precursor to student engagement, motivation matters. The literature is overrun with deficit thinking about diverse students, their families, cultures, socioeconomic background, abilities, and communities. Educators frequently lament about how to motivate students to “care” about their learning. Yet, very few have the opportunity to participate in the work needed to foster the equity mindedness to disrupt these deficit narratives.

    AVID for Higher Education invites you to a workshop addressing the following:

    • How do the assumptions about students, their families, and communities affect practice and student success?
    • What instructional and institutional equity-based practices promote student success for all students?
    • What strategies can help faculty and staff effectively manage conflict, microaggressions, and hot topics in the learning environment?

  • The Intersection of Equity and Pedagogy:
    Changing the Narrative for Diverse College Students


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    Open to college educators (both partners and non-partners), this one-day workshop was co-developed by the AVID for Higher Education team and the Community College Equity Assessment Lab.

    AVID for Higher Education (AHE) and the Community College Equity Assessment Lab (CCEAL), invite you to a workshop focusing on improving instructional practices and systems that open doors of opportunity for diverse learners, addressing the following:

    • How can higher education cultivate success for diverse students?
    • What are the assumptions I may make about students, their communities, and perceived values? How does this impact my practice?
    • What are instructional and institutional practices that impede or promote success for a diverse student body?

    Campus leaders and faculty members will leave this training inspired and prepared by these nationally recognized organizations.

  • Accelerating the Completion Agenda Through
    Guided Pathways


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    AVID for Higher Education invites you to this timely workshop that will address implementation of guided pathways to support student success and college completion. Nationally recognized higher education leaders who are engaged in this work will facilitate this interactive workshop.

    Workshop Objectives:

    • Explore the challenges and best practices for implementation of the evidence-based framework for guided pathways
    • Understand the role of AHE in supporting guided pathways implementation
    • Create a short-term action plan specific to your institution