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DECEMBER 9–11, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register for AVID National Conference?
Educators in AVID-affiliated districts can register on MyAVID. If you are not in an AVID-member district or are not sure whether your district is affiliated with AVID, please contact us at [email protected] or 1-833-284-3227, and an AVID Care representative will assist you with registration.

What sessions can I attend?
View the AVID National Conference homepage for more details about concurrent sessions and other training options. You will have the opportunity to select your preferred concurrent sessions onsite on a first-come first-serve basis. You may also choose to register for a face-to-face two-day Path to Schoolwide training or a virtual AVID ElevateXP that will be offered in lieu of the concurrent sessions. All participants will have an opportunity to attend the Keynote Speaker and General Sessions.

Is there a limit to how many participants may register from a district?
No, there is no limit. When you register teams of 3 or more from the same school, you will receive a $100 discount for each registration.

How can District Directors manage registration?
Please visit the Event Request & Registration Help page in MyAVID for directions.


How do I pay for my registration?
Please visit the Payment Processing page.


What is the cancellation policy for AVID National Conference?
AVID Center is committed to your success and to delivering the best professional learning possible. We want to make sure that you and your teams have an impactful and fulfilling professional learning experience. View AVID’s Rest Assured Policy for all 2021 events.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Support

How do I submit a request for ADA support?
AVID Center complies with federal and state disability laws and makes reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. If you require accommodations, please submit your request at least two weeks before your event starts.

AVID’s eLearning courses include closed captions or transcripts for videos, podcasts, and screencasts; alt text for images; and color and font size compliance. The eLearning platform also has an Immersive Reader application. You must use the Google Chrome browser to access closed captioning. View the Live Caption guide for instructions on how to use this feature for our synchronous learning.

AVID Code of Conduct

What is AVID’s event Code of Conduct policy?
AVID Center is committed to having a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for all attendees. If you are subjected to unacceptable behavior, notice that someone else is being subjected to unacceptable behavior, or have any other concerns, please contact AVID Care as soon as possible. View more information about AVID Center’s event Code of Conduct policy.

AVID Media Release

What is AVID’s Media Release policy?
By attending AVID face-to-face or online events, you grant to AVID and its legal representatives, agents, licensees, and assigns, the right and permission to use, publish, sell, and license videos, pictures, written work, or recordings of you or in which you may be included, in whole or in part, without restriction, in conjunction with your own or fictitious name, in any and all media now or hereafter known for any purpose whatsoever, and you waive any right of publicity, copyright, or other intellectual property right from the aforementioned use.

University Credits and Digital Badges

Can I earn continuing education units?
University of California San Diego Extension offers university credit for completion of our professional learning events. You must complete all required eLearning activities to earn your credit. View more information here.

Can I earn a digital badge?
Digital badges are offered for Path to Schoolwide and AVID ElevateXP sessions during National Conference. You will receive an email from “AVID via Accredible” at the conclusion of the conference and after your attendance has been verified. In the body of the email, click “View my badge” to access information about your earned credentials.

If your attendance has been verified and you have not received an email from “AVID via Accredible”, your district may be blocking this email. Another option is to log in to https://www.credential.net/welcome.

  • Choose Retrieve a Credential.
  • Enter the email you used to register for National Conference.
  • Select the Retrieve my credentials button. You will receive an email with links to your earned credentials.

If you still don’t receive an email, contact AVID Care and they can assist you.

Need Help?

Please reach out to us!
Call 1-833-AVID CARE (1-833-284-3227) or email AVID Care.