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    As we monitor the current COVID 19 impact on the safety of our communities, it is possible that events may require rescheduling. In the event that occurs, we will provide you the necessary information to accommodate your professional learning needs, including the best ways to maximize the opportunities to attain the service you need.

    These trainings, known as AVID Path to Schoolwide trainings, feature a rigorous curriculum that promotes student achievement at the highest levels and lays out a pathway to student success. Based on the teacher-developed, classroom-proven AVID College Readiness System, Path to Schoolwide trainings offer guides and materials for teachers, administrators, academic counselors, career advisors, and anyone who wants to help students fulfill their potential and successfully prepare for college. Participants will become familiar with AVID methodologies and learn what to anticipate when a school focuses its structures, processes, protocols, and systems to strategically improve performance of all students.

    AVID Center provides two-day trainings for elementary educators, content teachers in English, mathematics, science, and history/social science, as well as trainings designed for teachers of English language learners and teachers of non-core subjects. Information about online components for Path to Schoolwide trainings will be sent to each participant after confirmation of registration.

    Learn more about Path to Schoolwide strand offerings from the full list of strands and descriptions for 2019–2020 and 2020–2021.

    Who Should Attend

    Elementary and Secondary administrators, counselors, AVID Elective teachers, as well as elementary, middle and high school content area teachers. Participants must be from an AVID District to attend an AVID Path to Schoolwide training.

    Dates and Locations*

    *Click on the dates below for access to Regional Path to Schoolwide flyers.


    Please note: AVID Center reserves the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment. If you have any questions please email [email protected].


    For MyAVID account holders, log in to register via the Event Registration tab.

    If you're not a MyAVID account holder, follow the instructions here to create an account.  If you have any questions please email [email protected].

    Registration Fees

    Save $35 by registering early!

    • Registration Fee up to four weeks prior to training date: $550.00
    • Registration Fee within four weeks of training date: $585.00

    See specific flyers above for exact dates.

    If you are a District Director you may attend the following strands at an AVID Path to Schoolwide training for free:

    • AVID Elementary: Foundations Implementation (Grades 3-6)
    • Leadership for Advancing
    • Tutorology

    View the 2019-2020 AVID Path to Schoolwide Training contract structure here.

    View the 2020-2021 AVID Path to Schoolwide Training contract structure here.

    Payment Options

    Credit Card

    Once you enter a registration online, paying by credit card will secure your training immediately. You will receive an email confirmation after payment. If you prefer not to enter a credit card number online or if you would like to pay for several registrations in one credit card transaction, select the Pay Later option, choose Credit Card from the drop-down menu, and complete the Credit Card Authorization Form and fax it to (800) 524-9917.

    Purchase Order

    To submit a Purchase Order to initiate the payment process, fax or mail your completed Registration Worksheet/Payment Coversheet with a copy of the PO to AVID Center. Please note that the purchase order number alone or a requisition for a PO does not serve to initiate the payment process. We must receive the actual purchase order or a copy of the purchase order by mail or fax. Send your Purchase Order with completed Payment Worksheet to:

    Fax: (800) 524-9917

    AVID - Path Payment
    9797 Aero Dr., Suite 100
    San Diego, CA 92123

    AVID Center will send an email confirmation as soon as payment is processed.


    Make checks payable to AVID Center and mail with your completed Payment Worksheet to:

    Dept 270
    PO Box 509015
    San Diego, CA 92150-9015 

    Please note that we cannot accept a copy of the check, the check number, or a check request form. To complete payment, we must receive the actual check. AVID Center will send an email confirmation as soon as payment is processed.

    If you have any questions please email [email protected].

    Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

    Continuing Education Units may be available for attending an AVID Path to Schoolwide Training. Please refer to the strand materials provided at the training for details. For additional information please visit our University Credit page.

    Rest Assured

    Please read AVID's Rest Assured Policy.