• AVID students interacting with text.


  • AVID Weekly is a strong curriculum resource that helps you implement Common Core State Standards.

    • Easy to use for teachers
    • Can be successfully applied across all subject areas in the school
    • Designed for elementary, secondary, and higher education
    • Lessons utilize AVID’s WICOR methodology
    • Lessons employ AVID’s critical reading strategies and align them with Common Core State Standards
    • Web-based and accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
    • Select lessons include ELL (English language learner) embedded scaffolds

    “We have subscribed to AVID Weekly for several years, and we have always found it to be very useful. The articles are relevant, and we appreciate the difficulty rating for each one, as well as the courses to which the articles apply. The graphics were an excellent addition when they came out. The articles with the lesson plans are extremely helpful for the non-AVID (Elective) teachers.” – AVID Educator

    AVID Elementary Weekly is included for the AVID District Director and all educators on AVID Elementary campuses.

    AVID Weekly for Secondary and Higher Education is included for the AVID District Director and all educators on AVID Secondary and Higher Education campuses for the first year of membership. A subscription is available on an opt-out basis thereafter.

    Existing subscribers access AVID Weekly through the blue My eLearning button on MyAVID.


    Starting September 1, 2018, all educators at subscribing AVID schools will be able to access AVID Weekly and/or AVID Elementary Weekly through the AVID eLearning platform.

    To access AVID Weekly:

    1. Log in to MyAVID.
    2. Click the blue My eLearning button.
    3. You should see a “tile” for AVID Weekly or AVID Elementary Weekly. Click the tile to enter.
    4. Explore AVID Weekly. 

    AVID Weekly is accessible from September 1 through June 30. AVID Weekly content is no longer available for the 2017–18 school year.

    Please contact [email protected] with any questions.