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    LCR and LCEE give administrators the tools they need to instill effective systemic change and a college-ready culture on campuses. Structures, processes, protocols, and systems within a school have significant impacts on its culture. Participants will learn what these terms mean, how they are interdependent, and how to design them in alignment with the mission and vision of their school.

    Participants will become familiar with the change process and what to anticipate when a school concentrates its efforts to reorganize the structures, processes, protocols, and systems to strategically plan and give purposeful meaning to improving performance for all students. Participants will also analyze examples of how a school might be effectively organized to assist both students and staff in being successful and supporting college and career readiness.

    AVID partners can choose to participate in LCR via face-to-face instruction or virtually through LCEE, the digital equivalent. AVID’s LCEE virtual training, is offered in two different formats—AVID DigitalXP™ or AVID ElevateXP®.

    • Face-to-Face Instruction – LCR
      • Two days of professional learning (12 total hours)
      • Sites may request a 3-day training for an additional fee to accommodate Site Team time
      • Training is held at the school site
    • DigitalXP – LCEE
      • Three days of professional learning (13.5 total hours)
      • Pre-scheduled dates over the summer
      • Site Team asynchronous learning
      • Live community gatherings each day
      • Opportunity to engage with colleagues throughout the school year
      • Deepen and broaden learning through Extended Learning Pathways, On-Demand Learning modules, One-to-One Collaborative Coaching, and professional discourse
    • ElevateXP – LCEE
      • Four 3-hour professional learning modules (12 total hours)
      • Opportunities to engage in One-to-One Collaborative Coaching

    Who Should Attend

    Educators, principals, site and district administrators, and leadership teams from any AVID or non-AVID K–12 schools.

    Consult the AVID Professional Learning Guide to learn more information. For an optimal learning experience, attending with a team of at least three is highly recommended.

    Dates and Locations

    • View the AVID DigitalXP schedule to choose from 11 trainings in three time zones.
    • Attend an existing ElevateXP training with other AVID Sites. View the current ElevateXP schedule for dates.
    • Bring a face-to-face LCR training to your district on your preferred date and time. The Event Request Form is listed in the Training Requests section below.

    Training Requests

    Partners may request a face-to-face LCR or ElevateXP LCEE virtual training for a minimum of 35 participants. Contact AVID Care or your program manager for more information or use the links below to submit your request for 35 or more participants.

    Registration Fees

    Face-to-Face Instruction – LCR

    ElevateXP – LCEE

    DigitalXP – LCEE

    Available Payment Options

    When you register online, you have the option to pay immediately using a credit card or to pay later. AVID Center accepts checks, purchase orders, and Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards. View payment options.

    Please ensure that payment arrives at AVID Center with a completed Payment Coversheet so we know which registrations are covered by the payment.

    AVID Center
    Dept. 270
    PO Box 509015
    San Diego, CA 92150-9015
    Email: [email protected]
    Fax: 800-524-9917

    If you prefer to pay over the phone, or if you would like to pay for a group, please call AVID Care at 1-833-284-3227 and an AVID Care representative will complete your transaction over the phone. You will receive an email confirmation after your phone payment processes successfully.


    AVID Center’s accredited university partner, University of California, San Diego Extension, offers graduate-level university credit for district salary advancement through completion of our professional learning events. Click the links below for more information about university credits.

    Rest Assured

    Please read AVID's Rest Assured Policy.