• AVID students in class.


    Regardless of the program your district or school has adopted, teacher effectiveness may be improved through application of proven AVID techniques, coupled with rigorous academic coursework. We integrate with the goals of these initiatives while keeping the AVID mission of closing the achievement gap at the forefront.

  • International Baccalaureate icon

    International Baccalaureate (IB), by definition, provides educational standards and practices for philosophy, organization, and curriculum that can create and sustain authentic global learning communities.

    Like AVID, the IB curriculum is inquiry-based and aims to produce students who are college- and career-ready. Both AVID and IB implementations are directed toward generating a culture shift to college readiness for every student. Many districts nationwide have implemented both programs simultaneously in order to maximize the effect of each.


    College Board

    College Board’s-Pre-AP, Advanced Placement (AP), Springboard Courses provide college-level rigorous content, with opportunities to earn college credit through AP exams. Springboard provides materials for grade 6–12 students and educators in the areas of English language arts and mathematics. 

    In schools that partner with AVID, greater attention is given to preparing more students for rigorous classes, such as AP courses. AVID strategies not only prepare students to thrive in AP courses, but also enhance educators’ abilities to effectively teach AP courses. AVID offers professional learning specifically for math and literature teachers, as well as generalized content that can be applied to any teaching situation.


    Project Lead the Way icon

    Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is an organization that promotes engineering, technology, and biomedical science courses for elementary, middle, and high schools.

    AVID’s instructional practices and pedagogy complement the STEM content of PLTW’s programs. Additionally, AVID can enhance the PLTW classroom experience by helping teachers become more engaged, providing strategies to manage the classroom environment, and solidifying relationships with students. 



    With other dual enrollment programs, such as Cambridge International Exams, AVID can also enhance implementation through AVID strategies and increased teacher engagement. Many of these programs share similar goals of college preparation and greater expectations and can be seamlessly implemented with an AVID partnership. By examining selection criteria and requirements, AVID can identify and change practices to increase diversity in these programs.