• 2022 AVID Student Speaker Contest

    Millions of students have been impacted by AVID—students whose path to college and career success was made clearer and whose skills were strengthened by AVID educators dedicated to their success. These students have walked into AVID schools and been met by caring teachers and peers who are often described as family. This kind of school environment is a place where deep conversations about life, opportunity, and the futures and dreams students are all trying to achieve happen.

    The 2022 AVID Speaker Contest invites students like you to share your AVID experience. Whether through written word in an essay, poem, or short story, or through video in a short film, song, rap, or impassioned speech, we encourage you to share your story. Ideally, submissions should be approximately 500–800 words and no more than 5–7 minutes long when presented via video.

    Winners will have their AVID story highlighted in AVID DigitalXP all over the country or may even be able to deliver their message live at an AVID Summer Institute.

    Student Speech Prompt:

    How has your AVID experience impacted your life as a student, and what do you imagine is now possible because of your participation in AVID? Please share with us any wonderful experiences you have had while in AVID or attending a school where educators are using AVID to help students achieve their future dreams. Please share any life challenges you overcame, success you have experienced, and big dreams you have for your future. Tell us your story using written or video format. We are looking for stories that build around the idea of “Imagine What’s Possible.” We can’t wait to hear from you!

    For guided lessons to support your students in the speaker contest, check out our MyAVID page.

  • Writing Tips:

    • We encourage you to incorporate the 2022 Summer Professional Learning theme "Imagine What's Possible" and/or AVID’s mission statement.
    • Ideally, speeches should be approximately 500–800 words and no more than 5–7 minutes long when presented via video.
    • Before submitting, please use peer review as a means for feedback and editing and remember that your audience is made up of educational leaders, teachers, and other students from all over the country. Summer Institute and AVID Digital Experience™ attendees are teachers, principals, counselors, school board members, and government officials. Many are new to AVID, and some are more experienced. Either way, they are looking to you to inspire them.
  • Video Tips:

    • If you are filming with your cell phone, hold it horizontally, not vertically. Most laptops and almost all modern video cameras should already be set up to be landscape.
    • Film somewhere with plenty of natural light, but not in direct sunlight. Shade is your best friend if filming outdoors. Setting up next to a large window is your best bet indoors. If you must film in the evening, be sure your face and skin tones are well lit. We want to see your face!
    • Film somewhere quiet so we can hear you clearly. Project! Talk louder than you usually would, but you don’t need to yell.
    • Steady is kind. If you have access to a tripod or something to keep your camera static, use it! If you feel you want to film yourself hand-held, do your best to keep things as steady as possible so your viewers don’t get sea-sick!
    • Be sure to think about your background. Try to find a space in the room where there is not much going on behind you. It is okay to have pictures on the walls and plants in the background but try to keep the background clear of extras. No open doors or TVs over your head or shoulders.
    • Try to frame yourself in the center and keep a small gap between the top of your head and the top of the frame.