AVID Weekly is designed for use by teachers in the high school and middle school levels as well as in postsecondary institutions. It is intended for teaching critical reading as a subject or to assist with teaching students critical reading techniques within their content area (e.g., science, social studies, humanities).

    New articles, sample lessons, and a matrix guide are available to subscribers through the AVID eLearning platform on MyAVID.org on the first day of each month from September through June. All previous months’ materials from the current school year are archived and are accessible (along with the current month’s materials) 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

    AVID Weekly articles are selected each month to cover three levels of difficulty: foundational, intermediate, and advanced. They are chosen to encompass a broad range of content areas, which are identified on the monthly matrix.

    “I LOVE AVID Weekly! The articles are great! The lessons are incredible. I have professed its amazing ability to connect all of the WICOR strategies, and I will do everything in my power to make sure it is available as a resource for my district.” – AVID Educator

    What critical reading strategies are applied to AVID Weekly articles?

    • Marking the text (including underlining claims and essential information, and circling key terms and cited authors)
    • Charting the text
    • Writing in the margins
    • Summarizing sections of text

    Guides on how to apply each of these strategies are available to subscribers within the AVID Weekly articles and lessons matrix.

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    1. Log in to MyAVID.
    2. Click the blue My eLearning button.
    3. You should see a “tile” for AVID Weekly. Click the tile to enter.
    4. Explore AVID Weekly.

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