• We are committed to sharing resources for culturally relevant teaching we have created and curating other published resources for any educator who wants them.

  • AVID-Curated Culturally Relevant Teaching Resources

    AVID's curated Culturally Relevant Teaching resources include articles, videos, books, and webinars, separated into the following sections: The Role of Educators and Schools, Having the Hard Conversations, In the Classroom, Working With Children (for Parents and Educators), and School and Family Engagement.

    AVID’s Culturally Relevant Teaching Resources are excerpts from the curriculum guide titled AVID Culturally Relevant Teaching: A Schoolwide Approach. It is designed to assist educators in developing and integrating culturally relevant teaching practices that create supportive, safe, and respectful academic environments for all students. The following resources provide educators with pedagogy and high-engagement strategies that are appropriate across grade levels and content areas.

  • Free Education Resources on AVID Open Access

    If you need additional support for teaching online, please see our free resources on AVID Open Access.