• AVID DigitalXP™ Technology Check
    Please review your technology requirements!

    Test your access:

    1. Log into MyAVID using the same email address where your received this message.
    2. Locate the blue My eLearning icon at the top right of the page.
      My eLearning button
    3. If you do not see the My eLearning icon on your MyAVID Homepage, please contact AVID Care immediately.
    4. From the dashboard, locate your AVID DigitalXP Technology Check tile.
      Note: The logo may have a color background.
      AVID DigitalXP logo
    5. If you do not see the My eLearning icon or the AVID DigitalXP Technology Check tile on your dashboard, please contact AVID Care immediately by email or by calling 1-833-284-3227.
    6. Complete the action steps outlined in the Technology Check in My eLearning.
      Note: You will be able to access your Community of Practice 48 hours before the start of your DigitalXP session.

    If you would like to review the technology requirements before you log into MyAVID, you can review the Technology Checklist for Communities of Practice.

    Reminder: Please check your DigitalXP session time zone. Please check with your District Director or Site Leader if you would like to change your registration to a session that takes place in your local time zone.

  • June 15–17 | CT
    June 22–24 | PT
    June 29–July 1 | ET
    June 30–July 2 | MT

  • July 7–9 | ET
    July 8–10 | CT
    July 15–17 | PT
    July 20–22 | PT

  • July 22–24 | ET
    July 28–30 | PT
    July 29–31 | CT
    August 3–5 | PT

  • Need help or want to test with live support?
    Join us every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 am–12:30 pm PT, starting Tuesday, May 26. RSVP here.

    More details

    ADA accommodations
    AVID DigitalXP eLearning courses include accommodations for visually challenged participants through closed caption videos, Alt Text for images, and color compliance. Our eLearning platform also has an Immersive Reader application.