• Middle school students


    Is your school aware of the barriers that limit access to rigorous classes? AVID challenges belief systems and practices that keep students from achieving their full potential. AVID opens access while providing students with the tools to be successful. Despite the societal and socioeconomic challenges many AVID students face, they have outperformed national averages in key college and career success measures.

  • Truly Commit to ALL Students

    High expectations begin by changing what educators and students believe is possible. AVID helps educators identify and change practices that keep students with potential out of advanced courses by examining selection criteria and requirements. Then, AVID-trained teachers provide the additional help students need to believe in themselves and handle the school’s most rigorous classes.

  • Create an Equitable Environment

    Teachers often come from a different background than their students. AVID provides practical training for teachers to help them better and more authentically connect with their students. Through AVID, teachers leverage their students’ backgrounds and experiences to master content in a more personal way.

  • Analyze the Data

    Does your campus reflect a college-going environment? AVID works with schools to examine their data through an equity lens. Your data can indicate if your school is challenging both teachers and students to achieve. From these measurements, AVID coaches district and campus leaders to help them reach their strategic goals.

  • Teach Academic Behaviors and Soft Skills

    Starting at the elementary level, AVID students hone their academic skills, including note-taking, organization, time management, and critical thinking. They engage in peer tutoring, collaborative study groups, and student-centered activities such as Socratic Seminars and Philosophical Chairs. With AVID’s help, students gain the soft skills and confidence to take on a college- and career-ready path. Watch students utilize their academic behaviors and soft skills in a Philosophical Chairs debate below.


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