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    Principals must be a catalyst for transformation, but how much of their time is spent on tasks that don’t actually make an impact? Are your principals engaging with teachers, students, and the community to share their academic vision for your campus? AVID provides a vehicle for principals to change the existing paradigms at their school.

  • Truly Focus on Students’ Needs

    AVID helps principals involve teachers and counselors in examining school data to challenge existing paradigms and address the roadblocks to student opportunity and success. Staff identify procedures that limit students’ access to rigorous courses and move beyond remediation and intervention to change pedagogy. AVID leadership training helps principals ensure that the master schedule, instructional approaches, curriculum, and classroom observations all align with goals.


  • Bring Out the Best in Teachers

    AVID strengthens a principal’s ability to coach and assess instruction on their campus. They learn what to look for and promote in their classrooms. Principals can ensure that practices like higher-level questioning, active learning, and the use of academic language become the norm rather than the exception. AVID encourages principals to model and infuse engaging practices in their faculty meetings. See how AVID principals measure classroom excellence.

  • Energize and Mobilize the Campus

    Shifting the leadership culture is a significant challenge that requires cooperation from all levels to abandon a top-down approach. AVID equips principals to mobilize a Site Team of teachers, counselors, and administrators to drive change and spread best practices throughout the school. Principals with AVID training create teacher-leaders. Distributed leadership enables the Site Team to own campus challenges together and thereby accomplish school goals. 

  • Rethink the Principal’s Approach

    The AVID leadership trainings provide an opportunity for principals to revisit their rationale, philosophy, and methods. AVID helps principals find clarity, confidence, and comfort with instituting change. As a result, they set in motion a systematic approach to college and career readiness that benefits all students.

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