• Professional Learning


    AVID professional learning transforms conceptual understandings into usable strategies that are intentional, purposeful, repeatable, and lead to student success. AVID brings educators together to learn how to implement engaging activities in their classrooms, raise their level of commitment to student success and, thus, produce a learning environment where all students are equipped to tackle complex issues, problems, and information.

    AVID professional learning is targeted and specific to what educators do every day. Teachers learn how to use the strategies they experience and practice during trainings to engage their students in daily instruction. They are able to build a classroom culture where rigorous academic instruction combines with social and emotional support to accelerate learning and close the achievement gap.


  • AVID National Conference

    AVID National Conference

    The AVID National Conference is an annual forum to discuss and share best practices on preparing all students for college and careers. Superintendents, school board members, district and site administrators, and other educational thought leaders from across the country engage in a dialogue on crafting plans to close the achievement gap.

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    Leadership for College Readiness

    Open to all educators, this two-day training shows participants how to instill effective systemic change. It is designed for attendees to actively participate in assessing the structures, processes, and systems needed to create gifted schools and college-ready cultures on their campuses.


    AVID for Higher Education (AHE) provides workshops for both partners and non-partners. Campus leaders and faculty members leave these trainings inspired and prepared by AVID and nationally recognized organizations. Visit the AHE page for more details.



  • AVID Summer Insitute Training

    AVID Summer Institute

    Each year, more than 40,000 educators gather at one of 12 Institutes for AVID's premiere training event. In addition to learning from some of the top AVID educators, participants collaborate and share experiences with colleagues from other schools and plan their campus implementation strategy for the coming year. To learn more about this year’s Summer Institute dates, click here.

    Avid District Training

    Regional and District Trainings

    Focused on implementing AVID schoolwide, these two-day trainings are designed to familiarize new AVID teachers (including AVID Elective, English, mathematics, science, history/social science, ELL, and other elective courses) with AVID methodologies to improve the performance of all students. Learn more.

    AVID SI Partipants

    AVID District Leadership (ADL) Training

    ADL offers on-site visits, training, and facilitation to ensure that District Directors are able to build local capacity for implementing, sustaining, and constantly improving the quality of AVID in their areas. AVID members click here.

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    Coordinator Workshops and Site Team Conferences

    As part of ongoing regional professional learning efforts, District Directors around the country plan and conduct monthly workshops for AVID site coordinators and teachers. Please check with your District Director for more information.