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    In addition to AVID’s robust data collection and certification system, AVID’s success has been validated by third-party studies as well as its own internal evaluations.


    College Spark Washington’s College Readiness Initiative

    This case study concluded that AVID provides comprehensive professional development that increases teacher effectiveness, provides an instructional support model, builds a college- and career-going culture, and increases enrollment in rigorous courses, college-going rates, and persistence rates into the second year of college.

  • Houston Independent School District

    Houston ISD evaluated the effectiveness of AVID implementation in the district with respect to student academic performance outcomes. This evaluation highlights how AVID students outperformed non-AVID students in most categories, despite financial challenges. While AVID is not designed or intended to focus on raising test scores, one of the key findings was that sixth-grade AVID students scored significantly higher (17.3 points) on the STAAR reading exam than non-AVID students.

  • AVID College Completion Project

    The Gibson Consulting Group conducted an evaluation of the AVID for Higher Education (AHE) program implemented at select four-year and two-year colleges. One of the key findings was that persistence and course grades improved in colleges that dedicated considerable resources, time, and energy toward the implementation of AHE.

  • The Magnificent Eight: AVID Best Practices Study

    This study examined schoolwide effects of AVID among eight California high school AVID programs. The study found that the effects of AVID schoolwide implementation raised expectations and improved outcomes for students schoolwide, raised involvement in school-level decision-making, and had a positive influence on students’ perspectives on learning and the overall school culture of college readiness.


    The AVID Effect – Professional Learning That “Sticks” and Engages Teachers

    A recent Gallup study reported that only 30% of U.S. teachers are “actively engaged” in their jobs. AVID’s 2017 study examined the impact of AVID professional learning on teacher and student behaviors. Pre-post results showed increases in the percentages of teachers who saw a positive change in the behavior of students and how students learn.

  • This is just a sample of available research. To learn more about research studies that have examined the effects of AVID implementation, please contact us for more information.