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    Many students can only recall a couple of teachers who made a lasting, positive impact on them. Every teacher in your school can be that teacher. How much of the professional development in your district is actually focused on the art of teaching?

  • Start Small, Learn Quickly

    Unlike most professional development, AVID does not force a pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all curriculum on educators. We offer turn-key teaching techniques and classroom activities that educators can easily incorporate in their classrooms. Teachers can quickly see the difference in how students respond. AVID doesn’t change what is taught; it changes how material is taught, respecting teachers' expertise and providing flexibility. That’s why teachers love AVID, and that’s why our training sticks.

  • Invest in Relationships

    AVID trains educators to recognize the unique circumstances that each student brings to the classroom. Teachers are encouraged to spend time throughout the year intentionally building relationships with their students. They start with low-risk relationship-building activities that progress into deeper connections, allowing teachers to tap into the knowledge and experiences students bring to the classroom.

  • Nurture Student-Centered Teaching

    AVID helps teachers pivot their approach from instructor to facilitator. Using AVID strategies, they design learning opportunities that challenge students to think critically, ask questions, and collaborate to create solutions. The role students play in the classroom changes, as does their level of ownership of their learning.


    Engage and Excite Students

    Too many classrooms are “sit and get” when research shows that our students need to move and collaborate. At AVID trainings, teachers get to become students again and experience activities that engage their minds and bodies in learning. Here, they have an opportunity to learn from teachers and teach each other. They leave inspired to take these activities back to their classrooms, ready to try new techniques with their own students.

  • Explore the other approaches schools use to thrive with AVID.

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