• AVID student presenting at an AVID Showcase.

    Join Us to See AVID in Action

    Attend a free virtual AVID Showcase to experience the AVID College and Career Readiness Framework

    AVID Showcases provide an opportunity for educators to see an AVID implementation, share best practices, and learn more about AVID hands-on. The Showcase experience includes classroom observations and a chance to speak with experienced AVID teachers, administrators, and students. Download the Showcase flyer here.

    Participants will...

    • Experience the AVID College and Career Readiness Framework
    • See and learn about the key components of an AVID implementation
    • Hear about AVID as a schoolwide catalyst for improvement
    • Discuss implementing AVID with school administrators and teachers
    • Hear from AVID students
    • Review data and results from AVID students from the hosting school


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