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AVID Closing the Opportunity Gap


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AVID Summer Institute is a dynamic three-day in-person event packed with inspiring keynotes, hands-on activities, team time, and collaborative sessions. Join us around the country to discover the latest educational strategies and network!

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AVID Ignite is a virtual summer learning event that provides the flexibility and resources you need to activate your campus community in preparing every student to live a life of possibility.

Over 40 Years of Proven Success

  • Regardless of their life circumstances, AVID students overcome obstacles and achieve success. They graduate and attend college at higher rates, but more importantly, they can think critically, collaborate, and set high expectations to confidently conquer the challenges that await them.

    In 47 states across the U.S., K–16 educators are driving student success through engaging, rigorous, and student-centered learning environments.

Good Teachers Can Become Great Teachers

Teaching is an art. AVID energizes and refreshes teachers by providing effective approaches to engage students.

Good Teachers Can Become Great Teachers
Proven Effectiveness

76% of AVID seniors are from a low socioeconomic status background, and 86% are underrepresented students. Nevertheless, they outperform their peers in crucial metrics nationwide.

See How AVID Makes an Impact

See the impact AVID has on our students, teachers, principals, and superintendents who live AVID every day.

  • DEMITRA, AVID Elementary Student
  • VICTOR, AVID Secondary Student
  • CYNTHIA, AVID Teacher
  • CHRISTOPHER, Principal
  • KAREN, Superintendent
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Get to Know AVID