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  • Language is Power

    Posted by AVID Center on 12/4/2018

    language My mother says “warsh,” as in, warsh your hands, or Seattle, Warshington. As an adolescent, I often corrected her with derision—my opinion being that this nonstandard pronunciation of “wash” represented ignorance and a lack of sophistication. This is a manifestation of language prejudice, or linguicism. Read more...

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  • Giving Thanks: A Reminder

    Posted by AVID Center on 11/21/2018

    thanks With Thanksgiving this week, I think it’s useful to reflect on things for which I am thankful. Read more...

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  • 6 Ways to Improve Social Emotional Learning at Your School

    Posted by AVID Center on 11/7/2018

    SEL Students Seven hours a day, 1,260 hours a year—this is the average amount of time a student is required to spend in school. Wouldn’t it be great if students wanted to be there because they felt cared for, heard, respected, and safe? This is exactly the type of environment I try to foster the moment my students walk through the classroom door, a place where all feel welcome and comfortable to ask questions, share ideas, and make mistakes. Read more...

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  • When You Teach, Are You Beginning With the Other End in Mind?

    Posted by AVID Center on 10/18/2018

    Ed Even before Saddleback College implemented AVID for Higher Education in 2014, I grappled with questions about my role as a teacher. As an associate professor of psychology, I knew my content well and enjoyed interaction with my students. When I asked my colleagues, “What do you hope students accomplish by taking your class?” I received a variety of responses. Some of them are knowledge-based answers, such as, “the basic principles of algebra” or “the necessary information to construct a research project.” Other replies indicate a more philosophical approach like, “to get them to think in new ways” or “to appreciate and challenge unexamined beliefs about my discipline.” Read more...

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  • Ensuring Equity: What Can Principals Do?

    Posted by AVID Center on 10/8/2018

    Pincipal Look at the racial and socioeconomic make-up of your most rigorous courses. Do these courses reflect your student population? Chances are they do not. Changing the status quo when it comes to equity and student success takes more than just opening access to these courses though. There are specific steps principals can take to close the opportunity gap at their school. Read more...

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  • 5 Ways to Demystify College

    Posted by AVID Center on 9/27/2018

    Demystify As an AVID educator in a district with a majority of first-generation students, I know how scary and intimidating the idea of going to college can be. Students want to go, and their families are supportive, but they have no idea where to start. They need help in every aspect of preparing to go to college. Their families do too. Many times, they do not even know where to start or what questions to ask. I have found that providing access to college information on a continuous basis helps to ease their anxiety and increases their comfort in this new journey. Read more...

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  • But I Don't Teach English

    Posted by AVID Center on 9/25/2018

    AVID weekly The fluorescent lights flickered overhead. We crowded around tables in the school library—clicking our pens, checking our phones, laughing and whispering about the day’s events—as we waited for the monthly staff meeting to start. The focus for today would be on reading and writing across the curriculum. Read more...

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  • The Birth of a New Dream

    Posted by AVID Center on 9/19/2018

    debb Have you ever experienced a moment when time stood still long enough for your brain to etch a scene into your memory with clear, vibrant detail? Read more...

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  • Write for the AVID Blog!

    Posted by AVID Center on 8/30/2018

    Blog Would you or someone you know like to contribute to our AVID Blog? We are looking for educators who can offer their expertise on our monthly themes. We will also consider non-theme-related blog articles. Our readers include educators from all levels K–16, all disciplines, and all types of job roles. Help us share your knowledge and practice with others! Plus, bloggers who are selected will be paid $100 when their work is published. Read more...

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  • 3 Ways to Provide Effective Ed Tech PD

    Posted by AVID Center on 8/9/2018

    Workshop This article orginally appeared in eSchool News!

    Schools and districts spend billions on edtech, even while questions continue to swirl around whether such investments yield solid returns. Few companies can reliably ensure the educational outcomes that teachers and administrators expect, and according to one estimate, only 35 percent of edtech tools purchased are actually being implemented. Read more...

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