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  • Considering Older Tutors? Here’s What You Need to Know

    Posted by AVID Center on 8/21/2019

    Adult Totor The number of people over 50 with a desire to help young people achieve is growing fast. For the past year, AVID has worked closely with Encore.org to test an expanded tutoring model using older adults (over age 50) as tutors. The encore tutor pilot project, implemented in five school districts nationally, found that older tutors provide many benefits to both the students and teachers and can be integrated into AVID tutorials with minor adaptations to recruitment and training. Read more...

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  • What Can We Do to Help Low-Income Kids Graduate from College?

    Posted by AVID Center on 8/16/2019

    AVID Graduate By Richard Whitmire, USA Today Opinion contributor

    For the first time it seems possible that we’re figuring out how to accomplish an agonizingly elusive goal: ensuring that low-income students not just enter college but complete college. Read more...

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  • This Here. This is AVID

    Posted by AVID Center on 8/15/2019

    Jedd Bloom Thousands of educators from across the nation join us every year for our AVID Summer Institutes. The highlight of these professional learning events is often the students and educators who share their powerful stories. This year, Jedd Bloom, an English and AVID Elective teacher from Greene Middle School, thrilled us with his AVID rap. Read more...

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  • Help Send AVID to SXSW EDU!

    Posted by AVID Center on 8/6/2019

    SXSWEDU Logo The 10th annual SXSW EDU will take place March 9-12 in Austin, Texas, and AVID wants to take part in empowering educators and creating a better future for all students. This will be the destination for education thought leaders, like AVID, to share best practices and foster innovation in learning. Read more...

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  • New Ingredients for AVID’s Secret Sauce

    Posted by AVID Center on 8/6/2019

    AVID's Secret Sauce It’s been said that AVID tutorials are part of the “secret sauce” of AVID: tutorials are where students refine their WICOR skills in preparation for college study groups. Starting in August 2019, AVID is offering three new ingredients for schools and districts to customize this secret sauce to meet their unique needs. Read more...

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  • Breaking and Entering into Honors Classes

    Posted by AVID Center on 7/26/2019

    MCS with Student Here’s a little inspiration to get you fired up for the new school year! In 1980, some of the educators at Clairemont High School had low expectations for the students who were going to be bussed in from disadvantaged areas of San Diego in the coming school year. Mary Catherine Swanson, English department head and teacher, saw things differently, and went on to found AVID. Read more...

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  • California Teachers Awarded $10,000 Prizes to Prepare Students for Success Beyond High School

    Posted by AVID Center on 6/10/2019

    AVID has announced $50,000 in new awards to educators working together to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds develop the knowledge, skills, and know-how to succeed beyond high school. Read more...

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  • You Do You! An Educator’s Guide to Growing Their Social Media Network

    Posted by AVID Center on 5/30/2019

    Social Media Image Looking to expand your social media voice and grow your network? What we’ve learned over the past few thousand tweets, retweets, and likes is to do what you do best. Be your authentic self and teach! Here are four key ways to help you build your skills. Read more...

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  • Strategies for Implementing Guided Pathways and Accelerating the Completion Agenda

    Posted by AVID Center on 5/28/2019

    Guided Pathways lead to more student-centered colleges and replace barriers to student success with clear paths to graduation. While Guided Pathways sound like common sense, the changes they require are not always easy to identify or implement. Read more...

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  • Summer Chutes

    Posted by AVID Center on 5/21/2019

    Summer ChutesA lively display board at the attendance office reception window counts down the days until summer vacation. Weary from the demands of the school year, staff and faculty freely express how much they’re looking forward to summer break in anticipation of rest and spending time with friends and family. Some students excitedly share about the camps they will attend and travel they will get to experience during their “time off.” But what effect does this cheerful countdown have on students for whom summer holds uncertainty, loss of structure and support, and other erosive conditions? Read more...

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