AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

Advancement Via Individual Determination

Professional Learning

AVID is not only a college-readiness system focused on raising achievement for all students, it is also a professional learning organization providing training and resources to both AVID member and non-member districts, schools, and educators. Ongoing professional learning is critical to supporting student and teacher success.

Each year, AVID Center offers numerous professional learning opportunities. There are a wide variety of trainings available; the Professional Learning & Publications Catalog provides an overview of all trainings currently offered by AVID Center, and additional information about specific events and trainings can be found below.

“In my 30 years as an educator, I have not learned as much or been as reinvigorated to get back to my classroom.  The training was outstanding, the staff developers were exceedingly professional, and I have new tools to use immediately with my students.” 

Professional Learning Events Open to All Educators

AVID National Conference
The AVID National Conference is our annual forum, open to AVID and non-AVID educators, to discuss and share best practices on preparing all students for college and career readiness. Superintendents, school board members, district and site administrators, and other educational thought leaders from across the country engage in a dialogue on crafting plans to close the achievement gap.

Leadership for College Readiness

Open to all administrators (educators), this two-day training shows participants how to instill effective systemic change. It is designed for attendees to actively participate in assessing the structures, processes, and systems needed to create culturally gifted schools and "college-ready" cultures on their campuses. 

Professional Learning Events Open to AVID Members

AVID Summer Institute

Summer Institute is AVID's annual professional learning event for AVID members where more than 35,000 new and veteran AVID educators come each year to learn the latest in AVID methodologies and strategies to successfully implement AVID in their schools. This year, AVID Center will host 12 Summer Institutes in 11 cities across the United States.

AVID District Leadership Training (ADL)

The ADL offers on-site visits, training, and facilitation to ensure that district directors are able to build local capacity for implementing, sustaining and constantly improving the quality of AVID in their areas.

AVID Path to Schoolwide

Focused on implementing AVID schoolwide, these two-day trainings are designed to familiarize new AVID Elective; elementary; and content teachers in English, mathematics, science, history/social science, teachers of English language learners and non-core subjects, with AVID methodologies to improve the performance of all students.

Coordinator Workshops and Site Team Conferences

As part of ongoing regional professional learning efforts, district directors around the country plan and conduct monthly workshops for AVID site coordinators and teachers. Please check with your district director for more information.