• Using Student Voice to Assess the Impact of Adult Behavior

    Posted by AVID Center on 10/15/2019


    Perception: a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.

    Everything we do as educators communicates something to our students. They regularly form perceptions through everyday classroom and school experiences on whether or not educators support their college and career readiness. The hallways they walk down speak to them. Classroom instruction and design send messages to students about teacher expectations and beliefs. But do educators have enough opportunities to learn from students about their perceptions and use the information to drive improvements?

    Join us at the 2019 AVID National Conference to attend our “Using Student Voice to Assess the Impact of Adult Behavior” session, where participants will learn practical ways to use student voice to inform and assess the impact of altering adult practices.

    Looking through the lenses of Instruction, Systems, Leadership, and Culture, the session will utilize a continuous improvement process to change adult practice by listening to student voice. Participants will engage in interactive opportunities to brainstorm with other practitioners while analyzing their own district’s or school’s practices. Participants will leave with a gap analysis addressing student perspectives on teacher mindset and an action plan for monitoring efforts to shift adult behavior.

    We invite current AVID member districts as well as those interested in learning more about AVID to discover how it might impact their schools and communities. Visit https://www.avid.org/national-conference for more details and to register.

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